Kampala Advanced Trauma Care Course


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KATC Uganda Trauma Handbook

0. Introduction

1. Initial Assessment

2. Airway Management

3. Chest Trauma

4. Abdominal Trauma

5. Musculoskeletal Trauma

6. Head Trauma

7. Shock

8. Pediatric Patients

9. Pregnant Women and Intimate Partner Violence

10. Burns

11. For Instructors

KATC Training Videos

KATC Lectures

The KATC course lectures have been recorded and uploaded online for free public use. 

Skills Library

Practical skills, including assessments, chest tubes, burr holes, saphenous vein cutdown, and forming casts are described and demonstrated by KATC trainers. 

WHO Emergency and Trauma Care Modules

For more information on the World Health Organization’s initiative on global trauma care, visit their website:


Facilitator Guide

Table of Contents

Suggested Course Schedule

Module 1: Basic Trauma, Anesthesia, and Surgical Skills

Module 2: Basic Surgical Skills

Module 3: System Specific Trauma

Module 4: Practical Anesthesia

Module 5: Surgical Care Systems